We successfully negotiated permission for an exciting new housing scheme in Teddington on behalf of London Square. This exceptional development will deliver 36 units with generous private gardens arranged around an attractive, landscaped garden square. The scheme represented a unique opportunity to improve the aesthetics and character of the local area and complement the rich diversity and heritage of the surrounding townscape.

The key planning consideration was to justify the principle of redeveloping the site from its existing employment use for a new, sustainable residential use. The applicant held extensive negotiations with the Council to reach a consensus regarding the quantum and mix of accommodation, and the viability of the scheme. The negotiations were ultimately successful in that the commercial objectives of the client were satisfied whilst the scheme was able to deliver high quality accommodation in a desirable location in West London.

An integral element to securing the permission was garnering the support of the local community. In this regard, a series of public exhibitions were held in order to give residents and amenity groups the opportunity to liaise with the project team and become familiar with the proposals in advance of the submission.

The coordinated public consultation strategy was considered a huge success which undoubtedly contributed to the positive result at the planning committee where members unanimously approved the proposals. This support was highlighted by a local resident speaking out in favour of the scheme. The successful outcome demonstrated the great benefits in engaging with the local community throughout the process of delivering a complex scheme.