In 1999, we secured planning permission for Pfizer to redevelop a former research facility on the North Downs at Walton-on-the-Hill for over 25,000sqm of new campus headquarters offices.

The location of the site within the Green Belt meant that this was a particularly challenging assignment.  To justify approval, ‘very special circumstances’ had to be demonstrated and these focused on the historic use of the site and the local, regional and national economic significance of Pfizer redeveloping the site as it wished to. The project was even discussed in the Cabinet!

These arguments led to planning permission being granted but subject to very stringent Company Travel Plan requirements.  Over time, despite Pfizer’s best efforts, the Company Travel Plan targets proved unachievable and the arrangements had to be revisited and revised.  As a consequence, planning permission for additional car parking was applied for and secured.

Fifteen years on, we continue to advise Pfizer on various matters relating to its occupancy of the premises.  There always seems to be something to consider and do!