Our Approach

The complexity of the planning process means that even experienced applicants can run into unexpected issues and delays.  This is where Carter Jonas comes in.

For landowners and developers, the right planning permission can increase the value of a site significantly, but the application process can be complex and lengthy.  Applicants must demonstrate that their plans are acceptable to local authorities and benefit local communities, as well as complying fully with planning and environmental policies.

By looking at the bigger picture, and providing the right support at every stage of the planning and consultation process, we aim to help our clients minimise the risk of unexpected issues and delays. We achieve this through:

In-depth consultation

This helps us understand your specific needs and objectives

Expertise across a wide range of projects

From single house proposals to major mixed-use regeneration schemes and long-term strategic land promotion

Specialist planning expertise

Spanning rural, urban, residential, mixed-use and retail developments